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For the transportation of your precious horse, horsesales.we can organize or propose transport companies which can transport your horse to any part of the world!

We work with well-known and trustable transporters for years so we are ready to help not only to find your dream horse, but also to transport it to your place!

To transport horses in Europe we use trucks and ferries (if needed). The horses from Europe to another continent are transported by planes. For that case we recommend renowned shipping companies that specialize in the global transportation of horses and have decades of experience.


It depends on the number of factors:

  • how far you live;
  • how many horses you want to be transported;
  • how fast you want to transport your horse;
  • do you wish to transport your horse alone.

According to your request we always try to find the best possible solution with our partners in order to transport the horse to your place.

When exporting the horse out of the country, does all the exportation documents ready so the horse can leave the country according to the law. The most often issued document is International Health Certificate .

We also prepare Customs documents for the export of the horse to non-European community countries such as Norway, Switzerland, Russia or Belarus.

Import regulations differ from country to country and are often complex. The transportation agent ensures that all the regulations are met and organizes a smooth process.

We would be more than happy to obtain a quote for transportation before or after the horse has been purchased, or you are welcome to contact us.

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